Tuesday, August 12


I love the truth. It's absolute ... impartial, undeniable, it is out there. And no one can say otherwise. A lot of people I know run away from the truth in search of answers that satisfy them. Would it not be better if men would be men and stood straight to face the truth ... and nothing but the truth.

One more thing, truth is cold and it is bitter.

PS - Dear reader, worry naught. I was in a melancholic tone of mind when I wrote the post, but now I am good :)

PPS - Hey!! You know what?!? I just got engaged!!! More on that later ...

PPPS - No more PSes for now. Time to go home!


The Big K said...

Kida - I don't get this.

I gathered following from your post in the given order -

1. You're in philosophical mode.
2. You were in philosopical + melancholic mode.
3. You just got engaged.

... I'm bit, you know... scared.

[PS: Congratulations!!
PS2: CE Hydie Meet to happen @ Kida's place! Yaaaa HOOOO!!]

Prasad said...

muwahahaha :)))) .. those three points are not related ... trust me ... the only relation is that I am in Hyderabad and she is in Mumbai
PS - thanks buddy :)
PS2 (nice one btw) - Awesome!! Who all are there??

maxmayur said...

Congratulations buddy. Welcome to the 'bond' wagon.

Prasad said...

@mayur - lol. I am loving it here!!