Friday, October 23

Gartner Hype Cycle 2009

I first came across the Hype Cycle in 2008, immediately, I posted about it here. Back then, the Web 2.0 and SOA was considered to be a market failure. Everyone who was anyone in the web development arena was claiming to create “Web 2-point-oh” applications, without knowing what that term meant. I know about an entrepreneur who pitched the idea of a Web 2.0-based e-commerce portal to a VC. In return, the VC asked one simple question - “Do you know what Web 2.0 means?”

Hype cycles are just that, they indicate the evolution of the system and its mainstream adoption with the amount of hype it is creating among the society. They also are an indication to future market leaders – companies which are poised to take off due to the right adoption of technology.

gartner_hype_cycle09bSo, what do you think you should invest into now? Do you think you will buy “the Kindle"”? How about that power saving infrastructure? What to do with KM?

Kudos to Gartner for coming up with this framework.

Monday, August 3

And we wash boys too!!

Photo taken today on the way to office. A laundry service’s van with some typo!!


Friday, May 29

Blog Moved!!

The blog is finally moved to Wordpress!! You can find it here!!

Sunday, May 24

What does he do for a living?

Since the day I got into an engineering college, my mother has been proudly saying “Majha mulga computer engineer ahe!” . I used to get amused by her pride, and it still makes me smile that she is happy for me (love you Aai :-) ). As days went by and I graduated to become a software developer, the “Computer engineer ahe” line was still there. Even when I got admission into one of the better known b-schools in the country, Aai would still tag me with Computer engineer.

The point is that sometimes you feel stereo-typed with the tag. People still ask me to troubleshoot their Windows. I dont mind doing that, but to expect me to visit their place at Borivali just because something is wrong with their Internet Explorer?? Sometimes I think I need a tag which defines my work and competency space better than “Computer Engineer”.

When I started working in a start-up, explaining to my family what I do became slightly more difficult. I was in charge of handling and building the technology on an entire organization. A lot of work which required a considerable bandwidth of know-how across the tech domain – a CTO in a nutshell. Whenever someone would ask, prompt would come the reply “Majha mulga computer engineer ahe!” . I kind of prefer IIM grad, but I dont think many people know about them – with people I mean the old aunty types, who ask your mother (in a nasal twang) “Kaay karto tumcha mulga?” The ones that sometimes do know about then quip “Oohh! Ahemadabad hoy?”, mother then simply says “To computer engineer ahe!!"” . Then I would butt in to say - “I sell shirts” rather than the oft repeated computer engineer tag.

These days I am working in a knowledge lab. We work on designing knowledge interventions and designing models which can change communities to become more productive and human oriented. I hope I got it right in this one line. My specific job entails a mini-CTO who is in charge of taking care of all technology details. Now what?!? I think “Majha mulga computer engineer ahe!”  is there to stay :-)

Friday, May 22

Changing Communities through Vector Algebra

This is a follow-up post of my previous post on Perspectives and Co-ordinate geometry. Each individual's perspectives form the different axes on which the individual perceives the world - and judges the world, so you have (happiness-sorrow axis, good-bad axis, moral-immoral axis, ethical-unethical axis, and so on). Each of these axes define who you are, your values, your beliefs, et al. If I were to map each of these axes against the society's axes, then we can plot an individual on the society space (its an n-dimensional space, mind you).

Now, get this. The origin of the society (the norms dictated by the society) represented by (0,0,..,0) would be at a certain distance from your own origin say (1,2,1,-4,...,3). The vector (going outwards from the origin) which connects your origin to the society's origin is your vector of existence. Every individual has his vector of existence. The people who are afraid of society and peer pressure have their origins closest to the society's origins. Carefree people tend to be away from that origin. The more deviant you are to the society, the further you would be from the origin.

What makes a society? You, me and everybody. Thus, the society is a summation of these vector misalignments. And that my friend defines the origin of the society. Over a period of time, the origin naturally shifts - it shifts because many people change their origins (values, beliefs, etc), thus ensuring that the society also goes through that same shift (although much more gradually). A fact that would have been a taboo for the society would be a norm today. Take mini-skirts for instance or gay rights. Society changes its norms, because the collective changes their norms. The origin has shifted!!

Wednesday, May 20

Co-ordinate Geometry and Perspective

This is going to be a philosophical post, don’t say that I did not warn you at the beginning. But, I have came across an a-ha! for myself at work. This just does not apply simply to Good v/s Evil, but it can be applied to life itself.

Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin, that means, if I were to have an axis (similar to say X-axis), then Evil will be on the left hand side of the Y-axis and Good will be on the right hand side. Thus, Good and Evil are opposites. Now, my friend, what do you do to eliminate Evil? Think. Don’t move ahead and read the answer, please think. Think Co-ordinate Geometry.

You delete the origin (0,0), you take out the Y-axis. You take out the definition point at which Good starts being Evil. You take out that Evil-defining-perspective (Y-axis). I am defining each axes as a perspective on life, and thus, a way of defining (aka constraining) your perspective. Take out the Y-axis and now you have only a degree of Goodness left.

Now, ask yourself – what happens when you take away the X-axis? That translates into a change in your perspective. A shift which fundamentally changes the way you look at things, look at the world. How much more of the co-ordinate geometry concepts can I apply on this? Does this make sense to you? Would appreciate some feedback on this.

Wednesday, May 13

Social Search: The new frontier

One of my colleagues in a presentation remarked – that the problem these days is not about lack of information, it is about visibility of that information! These days the sheer volumes of information has reached such an extent that one cannot make out the differences between relevant and irrelevant. How many times have you clicked “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google in the past month? The answer is zero for me.

The way Google has chosen to solve that problem is idiotic at best – they let you indicate the relevance of the search result for that particular term (you have to be logged in to your Google Account and search for checking this feature out). The problem with this solution is that I still have to search for the solution which is most relevant to me. Visibility of the most relevant solution is an issue. What would have been great, if Google could have taken the relevance out of my social circle (read Google Contacts) and shown my contact’s relevance to me as well!! So my social circle is defining the context of the search and they are doing the search for me; not Google.

Social search, is what I am talking about. The new paradigm now is not to show all the possible searches – nobody has time to go through 567,198 results, show me what is relevant to me. Know thy customer. Take an application like Twitter and Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck lets me set search through the Twitter community, that way, the relevance and context comes out through the users. That is the way of the future – we used to talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but now it should be Social Media Visibility (SMV).

Monday, May 11

We need more of these

We need the more enlightened spirits among us to come forth and guide the masses

Thursday, May 7


imageIf you already know about this, don’t bother to read any further, but if you don’t then hey, have I got a nifty utility for you!!

Do you remember GDrive? It had come up some time back, where users could use their GMail accounts like a virtual storage drive. I am not sure as to why it disappeared, possibly due to Google Docs and copyright issues, but it was great to have a online storage for your crucial documents. If I am going home and I want to take some files with me, why bother carrying them in a pen-drive when you can always have it online and access them anytime you want as long as you have internet.

Well, Dropbox does exactly that! You get a 2GB free account, from which you can version and collaborate documents. A good collaborative tool as any. There are a lot of such tools, but I really like the ease with which a newbie can start using this tool. Will try it as a tool within the office and post on this further.


This is my application of the Dropbox idea. I have backed up my entire workspace (documents, mail, setups I need, etc) in one dropbox. And wherever I go I have my workspace online! No need for machines, laptops, pen drives whatever. Give me a new machine and all I have to do is install this nifty little application and voila! All my workspace documents will be synced with me in no time.

Thursday, April 30


idioThere have been sci-fi movies and there have been sci-fi movies; But none like this one. In any sci-fi movie, you expect the human civilization to be so ultra advanced and modern, that it is set to baffle the viewer of today. It’s always shone as a rosy picture that technology being at a zenith with everyone striving to do more. Well maybe I went overboard with the striving bit, but I am sure you get the picture, right?

Idiocracy is different in this regards, it paints the real picture and drives home a point, that if the world continues as it is currently, then this scenario might just come out to be true. Especially in the developed countries (I wonder why they call them developed countries?) – See the major nations for a change, all of them have skilled labor problems. People do not have an incentive to do more … to become what they could have aspired for. What countries like India now need to do is learn from this and ensure that our people do not make the same follies.

Don’t worry, if you do not wish to think over this so much, then just watch the movie and laugh it out. Worth a watch, better still if you can think.

Monday, April 27

Familiar Strangers

If you travel everyday in a Mumbai local, then you are bound to have certain trains (and their times) in your mind. For e.g – I take the 8.24 Churchgate Slow from Andheri in the morning, if I miss that, then there is the 8.45 Churchgate Slow and the 8.51 Churchgate Slow, etc.

Most of the people think in these terms, so its obvious that you keep on seeing the same people everyday in your trains. Its their train as well. The mousy faced fellow, the guy who keeps on playing on his Nokia N-series, the guy who carries the Milton dabba. You see them, you have placed them and even named them … but what you don’t do, is befriend them. Maybe over a period of time, the ice breaks and you become good friends, but that takes many a train journey. The strangest thing is – that when you see the same person anywhere out of this morning train context, you still recognize him … and you see that spark on recognition in their eyes as well. But, you don’t talk. Strange aint it?

Sunday, April 26


I had gone to a friend’s place today to see his new born baby. Babblo* has a cute little daughter – I hope she doesnt take her looks from her dad!

So we got talking as friends do when they meet after a long time. Our favorite “R” word did come up. and so did the job switch. I see so many people who do not love their jobs, that I wonder has anybody written a paper on this? (let’s figure that out later)

This guy works for one of the big 4 consultancies, has been working with that firm for the past 4 years now. A job that any Systems MBA would kill for … yes, present company included :-) But I know the hours are long and the gyaan is hot. It requires the sheer dedication that dissolves my resolve to get into a post like that. Again, this is not the point, moving on …

Babblo’s reason for wanting to switch is that he does not see himself becoming one of the head honchoes and top guys in the next 5-6 years. He see himself reach the middle echelons of the organization, but still sees miles to go before he sleeps. Hence, the idea of moving out and getting into a different vertical altogether. A new stint even a startup. Have you imagined a guy who eats, sleeps, breathes ITIL trying to get things done in a startup? A comic strip on these lines can rival Dilbert :-D. Moot point being that Babblo (of course its not the true name!!) is actually turned off by the certainty of the job.

I cant identify with this funda. I for one would love some certainty on knowing what I will be doing 5-6 years down the line. Its easy to bluff, but do I really KNOW what I will be doing … hmmmmm … web surely, technology definitely, startup – could be, big hulking monolithic organization – sure why not, just pay me well!! I don’t know which is better – the certainty or the uncertainty!

Wednesday, April 22

Fast & Furious

MV5BNDI5NjMzNjM4NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjc1MTYzMg@@._V1._SX270_SY400_ They are back!! Paul Walker and Vin Diesel team up to bring down a drug lord. Oops!! Sorry folks, but thats all! After the first two movies of the series and after playing a host of Need for Speed variants, I was more than piqued to watch the rest of these series. I have to tell you – both Tokyo Drift and this have left me disappointed.

What does one expect to see in a Fast and Furious movie … ok .. hmmm … Cars, Babes, High Octane Speed, Fast racing, some more action … ummm, they did manage to squeeze a little bit of everything in there; andd you know what, it still falls short!! I will not be bothering to follow this series again.

Monday, April 20


I am not going to throw up corporate gyaan into your face. Today I met up with a very good friend of mine; over a cup of coffee, he tells me – I have a vision. A 2020 vision.

Upon hearing this I went into “corporate mode”; with the mission, vision thingy … before I could dwell any more deeper into those buzzwords, Nikhil stops me. He tells me that he has no idea what jargon I was spewing, but he has a clear well defined vision towards which he intends to work. The manager within me came forth and suggested that maybe he should outline a plan and start reaching towards that goal, since at the moment he did not have a clear idea as to how he is going to get there.

But what impressed me is that he had a vision. How many of us have a vision about what we want to do in 2020?

Sunday, April 19

Do you really need that?

That is the question you should be asking yourself whenever you are about to buy something.

If you are not clear then, check out this site. The content is presented by Anne Leonard, who manages to deliver the message so clearly and logically; it’s a shame that we did not notice it earlier. We Indians are copying the western culture to the hilt, so much so that we are trying to adopt the same practices at work, at home, at how we treat things, becoming more of consumers and less of contributors.

Half of the stuff that we buy, do we really need that? A new phone, a brand new gaming desktop (I was thinking of getting this one), a flat screen tv, a dishwasher, an A/C, the list goes on. And once we buy that, we dont stop … we keep on buying newer versions of that. Our perceived obsolescence drives us to trash our already existing goods for the sake of the newer and better. Such a waste.

Please go through the site – And try to make a difference.

Wednesday, April 15

Legalizing Corruption

On my way home from work, I was having this conversation with a colleague. He made an interesting point, the change in our thinking if we were to legalize corruption. The concept is simple – Declare your black money, pay a nominal amount to the government and you get to keep it for yourself.

I am not thinking through this completely here, but would require your help as well. But here are some points which came to my mind -

  • The IT department has to be more thorough and catch all defaulters; that’s a tough task but that is the only way the corrupt people will be encouraged to come forward with their black money
  • People will be encouraged to be corrupt, since there is a legitimate way to declare that income!!
  • Government gets an inner cut on each bribe it’s official takes!! A kind of a plough back system!!

What do you think?

Addendum -

Seems this is a crazy hair brained idea as any. Read the comments to know more!!

Tuesday, April 14

The kids arent gonna be alright

I was reading this article on how the kids of this generation. The article is more centered towards the American kids, but it does strike a chord home. Are’nt we following their lifestyle a little too blindly?

Follow it up with this article, and you start feeling bad for businesses in the US.

Sunday, April 12

VPN Gaming

Tired of playing the same game again and again? Are you sick of taking down those computer simulated players (bots) again and again? Are you missing your hostel LANs … or are you wishing that on your network there would be more people willing to play Counter Strike or AOE. Its true – there can be no substitute for the human mind.

Now a new cadre of gaming is here: VPN Gaming. A Virtual Private Network (VPN), is basically a virtual LAN over the internet; usually by the means of a software medium – a VPN client. The de facto standard for this is usually a free client-based VPN like Hamachi; which is free for individual users but limits the VPN connections to 8, the paid version can get you around 128 users.

If you are not technologically inclined, worry naught, these clients are pretty easy to install and use. So once, it is installed and you are online, all you need is to create a virtual network, give it a password (since you want to control who accesses your network) and ask your friends to join in. Voila!! Now you and your friends are on the same LAN despite being in different geographies. Its downhill from there on, just fire up your favorite game and ask people to join your multi-player game. Here’s a simple installation and use guide -

The installation is pretty much a click through process. The following are a few screenshots that can act as a guide for newbies. Remember, for the more security buffs, there is an option of disabling the more vulnerable services of Windows over this connection.




During the installation, Hamachi lets you choose which version of its services will you be availing. If you are just trying out the client or do not want to fork out money for the licensed version, then I suggest you select the non-commercial license. Once the software has installed, it will give you a small run though of the application, believe me its one of the shortest demos I have seen, and one of the most informative ones!!

vpn4 vpn5

This is how the application looks once it is fired up. Hamachi gives you a different ip address (it also creates a logically separate network connection on your machine). I have created one network and joined another network. Both of these are shown on my screen, any peers which are online and using Hamachi are also listed (in the screenshot none of them are online currently). The moment any of them is online, you can ping them as if they were online over a global ip.

Say hello to LAN gaming again :-)

Atlas Shrugged and the Samajwadi Party

This Sunday’s headlines read that the Samajwadi Party has promised that they will ban English in schools and the use of computers at work. I assume, these promises are to woo the masses into thinking that banning English will somehow make us “more” Indian. Banning computers means more jobs (although I seriously doubt that).

I was shocked. Reviled even. In one instant I wanted to kill Mulayam, Mayawati and their minions. Yes, minions is the word, because they are demons; demons for Indian economy. People who learn to exploit the country for their personal benefit under the pretext of social/community good.

But this takes the cake, how can banning English and computers help the Indian nation? It can only cripple the economy ensuring that the next genre of professionals are disabled without computers and incompetent in the global market without English. And we vote for these bastards?!? The link to Atlas Shrugged in my mind was almost instantaneous. They know the underlying concept … and they are exploiting it. I hate the way politics has changed, compared to this, the US presidential elections are a treat. Wake up India!!

Saturday, April 11

Then and Now

My first job was in IRIS, in the year 2002. I loved my job. I had joined with seven other software engineers. We bonded really well together. We used to work on different projects, but lunched together … discussed problems, solved them … and generally helped each other out. Life was good, life was beautiful. I loved my life of a programmer. Our batch was one of the best the organization had, in fact some of us were awarded as the most valuable programmer, et al. No, I am not being modest :-), but we loved helping each other out … contributing to the organization.

My last job was in I2I. It was a simple transaction for me. I went to work, I stayed there till 6.30pm everyday, I came back – the company paid me for it. The very transactional nature of this perspective made me shudder … I had to leave the organization in search of greener pastures.

My new job is with Illumine, where the culture of the organization is to actualize the paradigm shift from transactional thinking of a job to contribution thinking. Will post more on this later, but at the moment think about it. Is your job a transaction for you?

Monday, April 6

Summers here

  • Mangoes, mmmm …. yummm
  • When ice-cream, cold-drink and A/C sales spike up
  • School vacations, ahhh … those were the best. No more pencils, no more books … no more teachers’ dirty looks
  • When employees report early to office and stay beyond their normal time in order to stay in the cool recesses of their offices’ central A/C
  • When you want to discard everything else in life and head towards a beach and have some beers … read Goa!! :-)
  • Time for the Harry Potter films to come out and gather a throng of kids (and their parents) in the theaters
  • Shorter clothes ;-)
  • Families migrating towards hill stations

Summer gets me all nostalgic, what about you?

Friday, April 3

Ram and Hillary Clinton

On this occasion of Ram Navmi, my family and I ended up discussing Lord Ram. My sister made this funny remark about Ram being the perfect politician, and then proceeded to compare him to Hillary Clinton.

I won’t explain further, what are your thoughts on this?

Mumbai Police

Just a note of appreciation towards the Mumbai police force. Today my entire family and I had gone to the police station for verification of our passport. Since the marriage, this is one of our initiatives :-)

The police officer came to our house and gave us the time and date for reporting to the police station. The D-Day arrived and we reported to the station on time. Everything was done so smoothly and efficiently.

I am mentioning it specifically, because this was unlike all the other government offices I have been to since marriage viz., marriage certificate, name change registrar, et al. This office was spic and span, tidy and manned by a very efficient person – Inspector S. M. Rane. Kudos!!

Thursday, April 2

The Weaker Sex

  • There is a 30% quota on all engineering seats in Mumbai, reserved for girls
  • Women have a higher tax bracket of 1.8 L.p.a
  • Free education for girls in all public schools
  • Have you tried getting a facial? Or your limbs waxed? A bikini wax?
  • Or delivering a child?
  • Or handling cooking and other chores alongside your job?

I sometimes wonder why they don’t call men the weaker sex?

Fool’s day

With GMail being launched on 1st of April, it has been a precedent with Google to come out with one gag or the other on each of these days. This year its no different.

Out comes GMail Autopilot by CADIE!! It is supposed to automatically send responses customized to your writing style. Further clicking shows us that they are going to come out with Google Chrome 3D … what a riot.

Kind of beats the Google Gulp and Google Romance gags by a mile here.

Tuesday, March 31

Jaago Jaago … Jaago Re!!

I am sure that all of you have seen that ad by Tata Tea (I think I got the brand right) … and some of you might even have tried to figure out what does voting have to do with tea? Frankly, not much.

But have you visited the site – Jaagore? Well, I decided to give it a whirl today. The site is all about increasing our awareness about voting and voter registration. It aims at clearing some of the myths that are amongst us … some of them being -

  1. That you can vote only from your place of birth/permanent residence (FAIL)
  2. You do not have sufficient proof of residence to register as a vote (FAIL)
  3. Voter ID card is essential for voting (FAIL)

Coincidentally, I was talking with Baba about having a political based social networking site just this weekend. The data presented on the site is accurate but could be arranged in a better manner. I hope this site gets more hits!!

Friday, March 27

Happy Gudi Padva

Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.

Wednesday, March 25

Peace of Mind

Just the other day I was talking to Amol aka Baba. Our discussions can  meander from technology to yoga to relationships, well to put in a nutshell, they makes you think (yes, its a philosophical post). So, the question that cropped up was – What is peace of mind mean to you?

Any takers? Well for me, peace of mind is the place where I don't have to make any extra efforts to reach my destination. Further thinking led to the point that you can be en route to that destination and still have peace of mind, which I think could be the case when you know that in due course you are going to get there.

Baba later pointed out, that a person can feel uncertainty, anger, frustration, et al and still have his/her peace of mind. If the person knows the difference between his core feelings – the ones which help him achieve his id and his ternary feelings – the ones which can be dispensed off with i.e.. the anger, frustration, et al. But that person would have to be completed detached – a sadhu of sorts. That would be some person … well for one, his family would not be happy with this guy’s eternal cool.

Kind of reminds me of that Socrates’ incident, when his wife threw a bucket of water at him because he would not get into a fight with her. After which Socrates coolly said, “It seldom rains after the thunder”. Now that is peace of mind :-), What say?

Tuesday, March 24

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I was initially very skeptical about reading this book by Rashmi Bansal. I prefer her blogs and the much more popular JAM-Mag. Most of you would already be knowing about her and the furor her blog had caused some years back. Well, the good madam has shown once again how to succinctly put together a practical book with an interesting theme – Entrepreneurship.

The point where it gets to be different is that each the entrepreneurs covered in the book are alumni from the top B-school in the country, thats right – the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. The book is structured as chapters on each of these people, some who knew what they wanted at the outset, some who adapted their businesses to the demands of the market, some who struggled against difficult times – but all of those who have made a name for themselves in the end. Some popular names like –, Mastek, and even the company which I had worked for IRIS (Investment Research and Information Services) have been covered.

Altogether a good compilation, wherein each chapter tells us something about entrepreneurship.

Thursday, March 19

LK Advani does an Obama!!

I am trying my hand with Google Adsense again. Something always interesting comes out of these ads, trust me. This time around, one of the first ads I saw on the blog was of our very own beloved LK Advaniji.

I am sure most the net-aware citizens would already be knowing of this, but still thought that I would pen a few thoughts on this. The recent US Elections, which were closely followed by the rest of the world to see who becomes the leader of one of the most powerful (really? even now? I dont know) economies of the world. Take a look at this article, which outlines how Mr. Obama used the medium of the internet to garner in those votes. Can LK Advani do the same? Only time will tell … let me dig up my voters card till then.

CAT Blog

I have decided to put some spare time into writing a small CAT blog. For aspirants and other people to share their experiences. Hopefully friends and classmates will contribute to it, so that by the end of this year – it will be ready for the new batch. To read, learn and gain inspiration from.

Here’s the link, check it out.

Wednesday, March 18

Roadies nahi Toadies

The Indian Media Revolution has brought forth this host of reality shows on different television channels. Life is stranger and more interesting than fiction. MTV Roadies is just one more of these shows … my wife watches it regularly. In fact, so regularly that even I have started watching that damn show.

For people who already know about the show, the first show was a big hit with the youth … bikers especially. Somehow the attitude expressed by the show has transmogrified into something else now.

What I see nowadays on the show can be summarized in one word – immaturity. I didn't realize that teens can be so stupid and immature. The participants scheme, plot, make idiotic plans … think that they are oh!so powerful and determined to prove themselves. But for what for Chris sakes? They only end up proving idiots of themselves. I sometimes feel sad for the first Roadie, Ranvijay that he has to put up with this.

Then again, I haven't seen the first season.

Tuesday, March 17

Amateur blogger

I have decided to use my fledgling blogging talents (ahem!?! or so to speak :) ) for making some money. There are quite a few blogs out there which pay good money for guest bloggers to write posts for them. Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per post. It doesn't pay as much as our normal job does, but imagine – you can earn this money without any qualification as such!!

Another style of earning money would be google ads. So please do not be pissed if you see those on my blog in some days. Heres to turning a cost center into a revenue center :-)

Monday, March 16


As promised – Some words of wisdom from my better half on the M word.


Hi Friends,

I am so glad today to finally write a post on my Hubby's Blog. Recently seeing him totally out of action (on his blog :P), I decided to enlighten this blog by highlighting certain aspects of MARRIAGE.

Life after marriage changes; alteast to an extent. Well one always find guys complaining more than gals. I feel its equal for each of them. I am sure most of you reading this post have already found their life partner/looking for a life partner/ thinking whether to climb the huge cliff (tie a knot). If you and your partner compile the 3C's i.e Compatibility, Connection and Chemistry then surely you both are ready to tie the knot.

"Marriages are made in Heaven" - a very famous phrase ... most of the bachelors/singletons say, "What crap? If they are made in Heaven then there would be no divorce."

Even before marriage or rather before dating Kidakaka :) I felt the same, this so called Idealistic phrase was a crap. Within a year my notions about this completely changes and now actually I am a believer.

Logically if you apply your mind how many guys/gals you have dated have actually clicked, the odds of finding the right person and selecting is really a difficult task.. Ask you friends who are going through trouble of meeting their opposites for an arranged wedding.

On top of that we also have different cultures in India which also play an important variant, different professions, hectic lives and varied interests. Ok Ok! the list just goes on; finding the ONE after so many odds is (PHEW!) definitely a difficult task. So really If any two people click and decide to get married then i must say "unki jodi baghwan ne banai hai :P"

Think about it and if you have someone in your life who does make a difference/rather if you feel he/she is the one for you ..go ahead and say it..before someone else does :P COMPETITION YOU SEE !!!!

So after all thsi Gyan heres KIDAKAKI signing off..bye have great year friends!!!


Some of you really needed this – I wont name who :-)

Sunday, March 15

I am the walrus

Got tagged by Sudhir, so here goes. Umm, sorry for responding kinda late :-)

Instructions read: Using only song *titles* from one artist, cleverly answer these questions

Pick a band/artist: The Beatles

  1. Are you a male or female: This Boy
  2. Describe yourself: I’m the Walrus
  3. How do you feel about yourself: Free as a bird
  4. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: Glad All Over :)
  5. Describe your current boy/girl situation: Hallelujah, I love her so
  6. Describe your current location: Nowhere Man
  7. Describe where you want to be: Strawberry Fields forever
  8. Your favorite color is: For you Blue
  9. You know that: All things must pass / We can work it out
  10. What’s the weather like: Rain
  11. If your life was a television show what would it be called: With a Little Help from my friends
  12. What is life to you: That means a lot
  13. What is the best advice you have to give: Act Naturally
  14. If you could change your name what would you change it to: Doctor Robert

I tag – Amit, Baba, Ankit, Ashish, Abhishek

The Dead blog

Ok. So I haven't been active lately here. Mea culpa. There were some personal crises that had cropped up, the details of which I will divulge over the next row of posts. Of course I can always give the standard alibi that is floating around – Recession hain bhaiyya!

Enough of that though, not one more word (well some might crop up here and there). Here is what you can expect to follow on the blog -

  1. Marriage (as seen by my significant other) – the editing will of course be done by moi :-)
  2. The jhols and some bitching against a few corporates
  3. Other gyaan that I may feel free to impart from time to time

Friday, February 13



With the new impending release of Firefox 3.1 (aptly named Shiretoko – after the Japanese park), the Firefox community is considering adopting Foxkeh, a japanese mascot which is cute to say the least. It is a fox which has a flame as its tail. See for yourself. Here is one of the buttons available on the firefox community site – Spread Firefox


Network Bridge

This is as a personal note to myself and to all you amateur gamers :)

Yesterday, I was at my sasural for some pani puuri and general chit chat. My wife’s cousin had also come-over. They have one desktop and one laptop over there, I had also taken my laptop over there. Enough for a mini-lan party :). So we were three gamers, with three machines and many multi-player games to play. The problem – how do we connect to each other and create a network? There are no switches available.

Fortunately, Ameya (that’s my saala) had a cross-cable through which we connected my laptop and his desktop. Then we took the other laptop and created an ad-hoc wireless connection on it, and connected that laptop to my laptop. So, my laptop was connected to both the machines on two different network interfaces viz., one lan card and the other wireless card. After this, I selected both the connections (in Network Connections) and clicked on Bridge connections. Thus a network bridge between the two connections was created allowing network traffic to pass between the two networks through my laptop. Voila!! The other laptop could now ping the desktop and vice-versa.

Start-ups and Upstarts

A co-blogger and an expert in start-ups, Sushrut has written an excellent post on reasons why one should join a start-up and what are the pitfalls one should look out for before joining a start-up.

The reason why I am re-iterating this point is simply because many start-ups demand the kind of dedication from their employees that is not needed and certainly not justified … all in the name of it being a start-up. Tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe ESOPs dunga seems to be their mantra. While this works out for people who know exactly what are they signing up for, it comes out as a shell shocker for those who join the band wagon expecting a different culture altogether.

It’s the culture that could be a defining moment for the start-up. I am not dishing out gyaan here. It is true … the culture of an organization can go a long way between success and failure.

Luck By Chance

449px-Luckbychance Yes on a roll here. And extremely free :-).

Farhan Akhtar impressed everyone through Dil Chahta Hain. Many called it over-rated, but I loved the freshness of the movie. Then came a string of decent hits … then came Rock On, when people could actually put a face to the director. Imagine a 32 year old father of two, becoming a heart throb of Bollywood. People were calling him an overnight success and a lucky boy.

I guess that’s why he decided to make this movie. Luck By Chance shows us the life of a typical struggling actor and what are the sacrifices they have to make in order to make it big. Not to mention the paparazzi and affairs and the wheeling and dealing that one has to do in order to shape one’s career. Its startlingly true, and its being accepted by mainstream cinema. Akhtar is not a fluke kid, but a genuine all-rounder when it comes to films.

Give the movie a go, I do not want to put forth all the details in the movie, but suffice to say that its recommended watch. Movies like this make me think that Bollywood still has a chance.


Outlanderposter The Vikings have a legend amongst them. A story about how an outsider came from another world, and saved their tribes from a terrible monster. This is the basic outlay, multiple movies have been made on this theme, yes. Beowulf (the animated version), The 13th Warrior (Antonio Banderas) and finally Outlander to name a few. Michael Crichton has also penned a book on the same theme. The different thing about Outlander is that it actually managed to plug a few holes in the story and come across as a more coherent legend. Not to mention FX.

Outlander takes us to the past, time of the Vikings when our hero who has come from another world (who surprisingly has the same physiology as us humans, beating the theory of evolution to the ground) and with his ship comes a terrible creature … the Moorwen. The creature in its bloodlust wreaks havoc amongst the hapless Vikings. Its upto Kainan (the hero) to reunite the tribes and forge his modern technology with the Viking weapons to bring the creature down and kill it before it can spawn more of its kind.

I would suggest download the torrent and watch it on your machine rather than spending those hard earned rupees in a theatre. Good movie if you have friends, chips and some ale to give you company.

Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans

Underworld_Rise_of_the_Lycans_poster This week went to the movies with the missus. Fortunately she likes action movies especially ones with magic and the ilk. Rise of Lycans was it. Underworld fans, spoiler alert!!

The movie is actually a prequel to the previous duology of movies. It starts off as the base for the next two movies. The story is about the love between the princess and daughter of the Vampire King Victor and the first of the Lycans (werewolves who can control their abilities). Needless to say Victor does not approve between this unholy alliance and his fury ensues. Battered and loveless, Lucient (the first second generation werewolf) arises from slavedom and starts a rebellion to overthrow the vampires.

Overall, its a good movie with all the familiar faces of the duology back in action. It also tells us small information about some of the characters. Why are they what they are in the next two movies. Pity you dont get to see Kate Beckinsale much in this movie!!

Saturday, January 31

Tuesday, January 27


I think I have already written a blog post by this title, this could be a continuation of the same. When I was working with TechMahindra as a part of their leadership cadre, some of us were asked to meet up with British Telecom’s (BT) Vice President, Warren Buckley. He launched into how telecom, ISPs, content providers, etc are soon converging into one maelstrom of user enabled content. That was the first time I heard of the term Web 2.0. Back then one of BT’s top concerns was that Google will eat up the entire market. That was 3 years ago. This is now.

I am currently working with I2itelesource Pvt Ltd as a Delivery Manager. The organization is into deploying cutting edge solutions for telecom service providers and mobile network operators. They do a lot of business in the Asian subcontinent, and a lot of business comes from Middle East. The kind of demands and promises our sales team does is stupendous, stupefying and sometimes plainly stupid.

Coming back to convergence, back then it was very difficult to plan and put together a service platform for content providers. Now, they can be built by taking ready-made blocks and clubbing them together. Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services in full flow. Makes my mouth water J. Imagine streaming content in real time off a media/streaming server, encoding it so that the user can watch it only once, creating the charge records and charging the customer’s account and delivering the content to an IP-based device (TV/Computer/Projector, et al) for a seamless on-demand service. Can this be done? Yes.

There would be a time when telecom, internet, television and other new age media would converge in one seamless integration. Imaging checking your email on your TV while you are watching a cricket match. This can be done. Playing hookey at work seems so much easier, yes?

Friday, January 23

The Unusual activity

I clocked roughly 200 blog posts last year. That’s a post every alternate day. Impressive no? The feat was particularly possible because of my previous employment. I ruled the IT Infrastructure there (which was in addition to my actual role). The good things about being ‘God’ (read admin), are that the laws don’t apply to you. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Start of the new year, I got an opportunity with a Mumbai based tech startup. Hours are long, pay is decent, I am home sweet home. Rosy picture aint it? Well for now it sure is. The catch is, no net access, especially Gmail, so no blogging L and no chatting. Thank heavens for Twitter!! Hopefully the email api of blogger still works.

Thursday, January 1

HNY 2009

Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year!!