Thursday, January 31

Google Powered!

My blog is now Google Powered. Its powered with Blogger, AdSense and Analytics. The CNAME entries are pointed to, and voila, the url redirects to my blogger account.

Gracias to hypnos for showing the way of Google to me :-)

Wednesday, January 30

Off to Goa

Yes. Over the weekend. Its been a while since I have taken a small albeit welcome break from it all.

Had been to Goa when I was a child, now its almost been two decades. Wow!! I am excited!!


Friday, January 25

Happily ever after

This just in

The exact impact of this news is so great, that it made the newspaper headlines as well as one of the top links on digg! Imagine, to live longer, you need to have constant snits with your better half (if such a thing ever exists!!).

Kind of makes you think, what happened to those cliches about "and they lived happily ever after ..."

Thursday, January 24

God as a Brand

I tend to have these philosophical discussions with my roomies. It can meander from God to Good and from behavior to endeavor. The works. If I document these entire discussions, then that itself would be a blog. So, one fine day we were discussing God. I know, its such a great topic ... if only I had a rupee for every time god was discussed on a blog, I would not need to work then.

We were discussing God as a Brand ... and a very successful brand at that as well. Imagine, even the non-believers discuss god ... effectively people who refuse to accept the existence of the brand also accept the brand. Can there be a greater brand recall and brand value. I think not!!

Also, imagine, each religion has a different brand of its own. So the concept of god is actually a category and not a brand :-). Being a Hindu, I can only say that my religion has a multi-pronged strategy ... multiple brands. A good example of Segmentation-Targeting-Position. What say?

Tuesday, January 22

Life as we know it

My sister wrote this one ... just too real!! Kudos Arati!!

I trod upon the path of Life,

Looking down at my feet each step.

Suddenly I raised my eyes,
Saw this wondrous sight,
The unknown world I left behind,
Spread upon the mountainside.
Somehow I had failed 2 see,
The places I had passed thro',
In the quest 2 see my road ahead.
Soon in the distance loomed my goal,
Relieved 2 reach it, if truth be told,
Strange indeed that it turned out 2 be,
A seat on the summit,
Looking o'er the vista below.


Well, they are not that minute after all!! I am talking about minutes of a meeting (MoM), and how critical are they in sending out messages to all the stakeholders of the meeting.

Recently, I was in charge of taking down the MoM of a very strategic meeting. Considering the high importance of the same, I made it my conscious business to note down every point, from as unbiased a view as possible. The sad part is that, some of the things said out there were not for everyone's ears. And those got documented and sent out.

At the end of the day, I am not sad that this thing happened, its good to have these things in the open. Just that sometimes I feel that I was an instrument to open some issue.

Monday, January 21


मैं मेरा पहला पोस्ट हिन्दी मैं कोशिश कर रह हूँ। सोचा था कि लिनुक्स पे पोस्ट लिखूंगा, पर मेरी हिन्दी देख के मैं हक्का-बक्का हो गया। अच्छी चीज हैं न ये?

Thursday, January 17

Sun takes over MySQL

This just in ...

With Sun being now the hands-down largest contributor to the opensource community, corporate users can only wish that MySQL retains its brand image.

Else we can always see Mr. McNealy smiling all the way to the bank.

Wednesday, January 16

Lights out!

Well, heres a little about me on the professional front. I manage the entire technology of a small corporate merchandising firm. People ask me (that includes my mother as well), what the h3LL is an IIM grad doing managing technology in a fledging firm? Arent they bred for big corporates?

Answer is simple. Do what brings a smile to your face at the end of the day. Web Retailing it is. Now, managing something which always tends to move forward out of your hands is turning out to be pretty tricky.

If you can manage to foresee programmer's hiring, feature rollouts, unexpected leaves, budget constraints, server crashes, everything, and a lot more ... believe me you definitely are not prepared for light outages!! Hail the Government of Hyderabad :-). What should happen when the lights do go out? Well, somehow since the computers are not working, it becomes a technology issue.

The day the lights went out, an IIM grad became an electrician.

Tuesday, January 15

Ahem ...

Well, I already have a lot many of these blog thingies lying over the internet. Why would I feel the need for one more??

I dont know, maybe its just a sounding board. Maybe its the fresh new start that I like. Maybe its the simplicity of it all. Whatever it is, this is also it.