Friday, August 1

Power of Language

I never realized how powerful a medium could be, until today ... this realization may be incomplete as well, but just a small wow was enough for me to dash of a quick post.

I talk to my soon-to-be fiance a lot ... telephone is the only sahara to breach the long distance between Hyderabad and Mumbai. Believe me, a lot. Reliance ki jai ho jai ho jai ho.

Although my cabin sees a lot of people throughout the day, I do not mind talking to her on phone since very few people understand our common language. Marathi. Matrubhasha rocks!! So, one fine day, after talking I kept the phone down ... only to realize that one of the employees in our retail department was smiling at me. I smiled back. Today, I recieve a mail from him regarding some work ... I see his name, Deepraj Bhise. Great!! Gone is the awesome privacy that language can offer you in a foreign land.

A straight forward application of this we see in our daily lives .... encryption.


Anonymous said...

Ah! You are a Marathi too? Cool. Jai Maharashtra.

Lemme kno when you are in Mumbai next, which I'm sure you would be visiting quite often. :-) Me and my wife would play good hosts, except she will not speak marathi.

Prasad said...

@mayur - hoy re. Definitely yein, ping kareen tula. I heard you are hosting the mumbai meet ... sahi!!

Dr. Harshaja R Mane said...

me tari tujhya barorobar marathi madhe bolnar :P

Prasad said...


Anonymous said...

Nakki. Ya weli tu yenar na? Last time taang dili hotis :-P

C ya soon. Where are you originally from?

Prasad said...

Baskya :), I was not in the city even!