Friday, August 15

American Pie Productions


I am not that big an American Pie fan, although I have seen more than my fair share of american teen comedy movies. Quite a lot of them, watching those movies I sometimes realize that the average IQ of an american must be really low. I do not mean to be condescending or even orthodox for that matter. They are rated 5.0 and 5.4 respectively. Watch only if you have time and/or grey cells to kill.


ANKUR said...

hello sir...was reading your posts...found this one really kool..!!
I feel the american pie movies "naked mile" were kool...I din like the next two in the series.. !!

Prasad said...

@ankur - lol, yeah! Wait... there is a third?

maxmayur said...

Thankfully I have saved myself from lot of embarrassment in front of myself by not watching these movies. How do you laugh at some thing like that?

Prasad said...

heres what i think should be done -
1. put aside ur thinking hat
2. shutdown the brain
3. a pint of beer or two
4. repeat step 3. until you get a silly smile on your face :)
5. watch

maxmayur said...

lol... good one.