Thursday, April 24

You are what you listen

Do you identify with your genre of music?

What I mean to say is that when you are listening to a particular genre or an artiste, then do you feel the emotion of that song within you?? Sometimes I think that most of the bands which have shot to fame are not simply because they write good melodies or great lyrics ... its because their target group can identify with the emotion underneath the song.

Do you not want to listen to a specific genre depending on your emotion?

Think about it in this way ... a fan of Marilyn Manson, would most likely be wearing gothic makeup, would have had a troubled teenage life, feels unduly wronged ... a fan of DJ Tiesto or Paul Oakenfield would love to dance to a good tune and definitely loves a smooth life ... Linkin Park listeners would have a pent up frustration within themselves, occassionally wanting to shout out against the system. Or have I wrongly analysed the situation?

So whats your groove?


Sudhir pai said...


I precisely know what you mean and I'd written about it not so long back!
I guess I totally relate to Simon & Garfunkel. These guys have written songs that are suitable for every mood.

Do check this out for some detail on this very subject..

I'm still trying to charge up my GRE cells at my end [;)]. Hope everything's cheerful on your side!


Prasad said...

Hehe .. yeah!! I always found studying for anything harder after I started working :) ... you done with dlding MASH?