Thursday, April 10


What do you do when you seem to be cruising on a wide highway ... and suddenly out of no-where a sharp corner comes into view? Well, you hit the brakes, slow down and turn with the curve.

Fair enough, you can drive. What would you do when the same analogy applies to your life?

Let me explain, what is a person supposed to do when he realizes that the nice and easy life is going to change (I never said end) ... mostly for the better. But the lazy person that he is, is opposing the entire change, just because of its inherent nature ... change. The person just like the car, lurches forward out of his rut and into the new direction given to his course. Heading for the unknown.


Ashish said...

More details in an email please!

Prasad said...

Check you inbox bro!

Lucifer said...

send me some of the stuff you're smoking please :)

Lucifer said...

Now is this post related to the phone conversation we had on sunday night?

Congrats to you.

And I'm shit scared of such a turn.