Wednesday, April 16

Pink Slip!

Our recruitment advertisement that we had put in TOI got the Pink Slip Award for best recruitment ad. Kudos Ethames!!


Lucifer said...


Funny name for a recruitment ad award - Pink Slip... ROFLMAO.

BTW, what's this 'geek code' on the sidebar?

Lucifer said...

But I don't see your names here:§id=27§xslt=events&contentid=200703211700349065b274c78&pageno=1

Sudhir pai said...

Jolly Good Show!

Prasad said...

@lucifer -, check it out. Will check with don, we just finished filling the questionnaire by the TOI guys.
@sudhir - thanx ^_^

The Big K said...

Wow! This is fantastic!

Prasad said...

Yeah .. pretty good. The same fellows who made our corporate website