Friday, April 11

Solving the wrong problem

Well its all over the news ... just read it in today's news. There is now going to be an OBC quota for IIMs, question one should be asking really is - Why do you need reservation in a premier post-graduation institute?

So now, they (Arjun Singh and his myopic HRD cronies) have increased the total number of seats, and increased the OBC quota for students. Looks like the decision to hike the fees by A and B was a wise one ... lets just say that the higher fees are a premium for excellence and leave it at that!!

At the risk of sounding arrogant, heres a question -
If the holes in a sieve are increased, do you still hope to get the same quality of refinement?

Sometimes I think these news are there in the just for the IIM group discussions and nothing else! In the end, its all foo.


Ashish said...

Well, this news really doesn't surprise me. :(

Ashish said...

Kida, don't get bugged, this question is solely for a debate purpose.

Do you think the question you posed at the risk of sounding arrogant applies only to IITs and IIMs or also to engineering colleges? You know why I am asking.

Prasad said...

The question I posed was about post graduation quota, which is not a necessity for everyone. A graduation is a must for everyone, so its ... how do I say this ... "politically correct" to have a quota in place .. but why for an MBA? And i know why you are asking ... makes me come down from my "morally high ground" :-)

Ashish said...

I just hope that the creamy layer restriction is applied everywhere and they do really check for it.

Prasad said...

Yes, in today's newspaper, the Supreme court has mentioned along the similar lines restrictions for OBC. But yes, the creamy layer restriction if given for ALL the communities would be a boon.

Sudhir pai said...

been a victim before and looks like this is gonna haunt me even when i do decide to pursue my masters. Donno whats gonna happen next? reservations in the Indian Cricket & Hockey teams. Just imagine

SC(7.5%)- 1 Batsmen
ST(7.5%)- 1 Bowler
Sports Quota(5%)- 1 Wicket keeper
Armed forces(5%)- 1 player (batsmen/bowler)
OBC(25%)- 2 batsmen & 2 bowlers
the rest- 5 batsmen and 3 bowlers

from the squad of 16, 14 will be selected to represent the country and a team of 11 shall comprise atleast one member of every category. the coach/support staff appointed will be members of the anglo indian community or foreign nationals to maintain the secular fabric of the team.

Prasad said...

hahaha ... we are a "diversified" nation after all. How goes the GRE preps Sudhir?