Thursday, April 2

Fool’s day

With GMail being launched on 1st of April, it has been a precedent with Google to come out with one gag or the other on each of these days. This year its no different.

Out comes GMail Autopilot by CADIE!! It is supposed to automatically send responses customized to your writing style. Further clicking shows us that they are going to come out with Google Chrome 3D … what a riot.

Kind of beats the Google Gulp and Google Romance gags by a mile here.


Ashish said...

come on, google had better pranks than this. The last two years the pranks were better than this one - print all your mail and have it delivered, internet through your toilet. You cant beat that.

Prasad said...

@Ashish - Oh Yeah! Internet through your toilet ... that was awesome :)
Waise, did you know print all your mail and have it delivered is actually a service :-)

Ashish said...

Prasad, April 1st was two days ago.

Prasad said...

umm .. yes, I wrote this post just one day late :-D