Friday, January 23

The Unusual activity

I clocked roughly 200 blog posts last year. That’s a post every alternate day. Impressive no? The feat was particularly possible because of my previous employment. I ruled the IT Infrastructure there (which was in addition to my actual role). The good things about being ‘God’ (read admin), are that the laws don’t apply to you. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Start of the new year, I got an opportunity with a Mumbai based tech startup. Hours are long, pay is decent, I am home sweet home. Rosy picture aint it? Well for now it sure is. The catch is, no net access, especially Gmail, so no blogging L and no chatting. Thank heavens for Twitter!! Hopefully the email api of blogger still works.


Ashish said...

How's life been?? How is the wife?? Still waiting for the pictures.

Sudhir Pai said...

congrats Kida!
All the very best!!
and keep blogging...
1 post a week is good enough for us

Prasad said...

@ashish - check your mail
@sudhir - Thanks buddy!! Will try to do so :-D

Ashish said...

Which mail??