Sunday, April 12

Atlas Shrugged and the Samajwadi Party

This Sunday’s headlines read that the Samajwadi Party has promised that they will ban English in schools and the use of computers at work. I assume, these promises are to woo the masses into thinking that banning English will somehow make us “more” Indian. Banning computers means more jobs (although I seriously doubt that).

I was shocked. Reviled even. In one instant I wanted to kill Mulayam, Mayawati and their minions. Yes, minions is the word, because they are demons; demons for Indian economy. People who learn to exploit the country for their personal benefit under the pretext of social/community good.

But this takes the cake, how can banning English and computers help the Indian nation? It can only cripple the economy ensuring that the next genre of professionals are disabled without computers and incompetent in the global market without English. And we vote for these bastards?!? The link to Atlas Shrugged in my mind was almost instantaneous. They know the underlying concept … and they are exploiting it. I hate the way politics has changed, compared to this, the US presidential elections are a treat. Wake up India!!


maxmayur said...

I felt like killing Mulayam and another bastard Sanjay Dutt too. What does he know about the country and its men who loved his films and Gandhigiri, where as he is a demon in real life?

Just 1 correction. Mayawati is from a different party, though even she has a social manifesto.

PS: I have posted the part two of the love story

Ashish said...

Dude, you are so wrong with regards to the US presidential elections. They stoop down to such lows here too.
Some examples -
Here, the deal is which candidate is "more" christian. This country is supposed to be secular, but every thing is scrutinized through the eyes of bible-readers.
There were rumors being spread that Obama is a Muslim and he was born in Kenya.
The similarities are vast between these two democratic processes - vote-bank politics in the name of religion (bible-pandering) and economics (Hispanics and blacks) is prevalent here too.
the only difference is that this time around, the middle class and young people voted in huge numbers, otherwise we would certainly had McCain in the White House.

Prasad said...

@ashish - lol .. nice reply!!
@mayur - yes, but same poison at the end of the day!!

Amit said...


Plus, Sanjay Dutt is a chauvinist who has gone on record lambasting his own sister for using their father’s surname for what he calls “political gains”, and saying that his wife’s boundaries are till the door of the kitchen.