Friday, July 4


Today I am in a lot of Angst! No idea why!!

Anyways, to bore away the angst, I was going through the analytics account of my blog, and saw that quite a decent no. of hits are coming from Kandivali, Mumbai.

Who could it be? If you are reading this, then please post a comment :)


The Big K said...


Google isn't very reliable when it comes to analytics. For example, if you see a visit from Kandivali, it would be a user in Pune using reliance NetConnect.

I've noticed this lot of times. Even the numbers aren't reliable. There's a HUGE (HUGE!) difference in the stats produced by Google Analytics and the stats produced by the web host.

I trust web host ;-) because they know who's coming from where and how!

Prasad said...

OOoo!! Thanks Biggie .. and I was under the sweet assumption that Google being God is very omniscient on this :-)

S said...

ok am in Kandivali but ive not been visiting ur blog often these days! :( so biggie is right I guess!

Prasad said...

@LC - hmm, well theres more, I went through my analytics, and a lot of the data that is shown does not mesh together.. Mumbai is different from Kandivali, is there a multiplier effect there? No idea!

Anonymous said...

I used to stay in Kandivali but I'm afraid I'm not the one :-)

Visiting your blog for the first time.

Prasad said...

Hey Mayur, Thanks for the comments :)