Tuesday, July 29


That's the number of seconds in a day. Its also the name of the latest project that my team is working on. The concept is to sell one product a day, and keep it very simple. We sell to stock, you buy 1 product ... no registration ... product dispatched to you within 3 days.

The site is yet to launch, but you can catch the beta launch here - 86400.

PS - the .com domain was taken ... by a pr0n site!!


The Big K said...

Why don't you guys let us add our names/logos on those products?

Prasad said...

@ biggie - Because then the lead time increases, and I have to customize the product. The aim is to get that product out to you ASAP. The prices are going to be slashed further, what product you are seeing is just a placeholder.

Chandoo said...

hey this is like woot for India.. really cool re.. :)

btw.. what is your number.. need to talk to you about something... can you drop me a mail.. :D

Prasad said...

@chandoo - you hit it on the head buddy :)

Sudhir Pai said...

this is modelled on woot huh?
[:)] can I forget those meetings!

Prasad said...

i know! the moment i came to know of it .. your name came up :))