Wednesday, July 30

Job hunts!!

I always thought that job hunting would result in instantaneous gratifications ... guess not!!

How's this for a covering letter??

Hi So-and-so,

I am desperately seeking to working in your firm, since I need the money badly. You do not have to issue any work to me since my qualifications can hardly count for naught. No need to revert, your read receipt is counted as your approval.

See you on Monday!!


The Big K said...

Prasad - that's neat!

Now take a look at this:


h r uuu??? pls lemme no if u hv job 4 me. i want it sir.....

pls reply...



Prasad said...

:)) .. and the beauty of this is that you can even sms this!!

The Big K said...


Anonymous said...

lol... both of you. Too good. By the way I'm one of these candidates these days. The problem is, no body seems to think I'm worth a penny :-P

Prasad said...

Mayur :) .. most of us have/are there!! Trust me, I was recently checking out and the first post listed was that of a recruiter!

Anonymous said...

ha ha... what a coincidence :-P by the way I never wrote a cover letter in my life and never read one in my resumes either.

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