Thursday, June 5

Inferences (and assumptions)

Was going to Mumbai on some weekend (I have been doing that a lot lately :-) ), when I noticed a lady surfing orkut on her lenovo laptop using a firefox browser. She obviously was switching between a lot of windows and was also chatting using gtalk. Later, she got bored and took out her blackberry and started playing solitaire on that. Hmmm, I am not a peeping tom, but when I was looking at that scene, it suddenly struck me how much you can find out about someone just by looking at their habits.
  • The lady is a management professional or a management student
  • The laptop is her own (since she uses firefox, which is not the standard corporate browser, sadly, and she can surf orkut)
  • The lady has an orkut account :)
  • If she is a student, then most likely she would be studying at ISB
  • If she is a management professional, then she just might be into sales (the blackberry)
  • If she is in sales, then she would most likely be single (assumption)
Yes, I did not have anything else to do. No, I do not ogle at girls.


S said...


I find this very interesting!!!

Prasad said...

@LC - :) everybody can play Sherlock Holmes once in a while right?

Sudhir Pai said...

other assumptions...

1. she could be a core techie, may be a young CTO who understands organization's firewall and more over, the importance of a proxy server.

2. she is a consultant with an HR agency, which uses orkut as an advertising medium

3. She's a raizz baap ki beti doing her MBA ( could be any of the colleges in bombay)

4. She could be an employee of google.

5. since it's bombay, she could be employed with a media company.

6. well her single status would be wishful thinking, at least for a bachelor like yours truly ;)

and no, we do not ogle at any of them, we simply google them or make friendship! [;)]
Just kidding!

nice post kida!

Prasad said...

@sudhir - lol ... watson just met sherlock :-)

Bhavesh said...

why do u say she's from ISB?

Prasad said...

@bhavesh - its another assumption based on the premise that she might be a mgmt student, and that she has her own personal laptop and is extremely comfortable with it :-) ... again, being a brand conscious fellow I dared not to think of the other b-schools like IIPM and ICFAI

Dr. Harshaja R Mane said...

I dont know y this lady/gurl grabed ur atention at a crowded public place?? another query crops up y anyone intend to know abt a stranger????

Prasad said...

@ harshu - oops! an adage comes to mind "curiosity kills the cat" :-D :-D, besides anyone who uses firefox deserves attention :-D

Amit said...


have you met real sales people like an earlier version of yours truly? we were the true ragpickers - without even money for the next meal, let alone a blackberry. ac rooms made of glass and theorising about the world outside and all that jazz...

btw, i met a guy recently who was using a thinkpad, and had all kinds of stickers on the lid - plug, linux, kde, gnome, ubuntu, suse, redhat, codehack, firefox etc... he claims to be a linux user, a mac user and a plug member, BUT on that laptop he was using windoze xp (firefox alright :D).

I'm using firefox and thunderbird on my company laptop (vista :( ), so don't make that assumption. And I surf orkut (when no one's looking :D) even though the proxy server blocks it. oh, and if she's sitting in an airport, she's definitely using a datacard and not the company LAN, so no proxy server to override, and she can use orkut anyways :D

Prasad said...

@sharma - buddy, i know its been a while since we talked :-) ... hyderabad airport, free wireless baby :-) ... and since when did u start starving!! loved the comment though :-)

Amit said...

Right. Free wireless. Still is not the company lan. So no proxy blocking orkut.

Prasad said...

Installation of third party applications are not allowed without and admin user buddy boy :-). Domain policy ke khilaaf hota hain, esp. something like gtalk.