Thursday, June 5

Foo meets Churn

Continued from Foo

Now, the reader must realize that in the realm of IT-Rawksdom, all work was not done by Foo. Rather Foo was an overseer of sorts, the tougher tasks were left to him to handle ... like battling huge 3 headed-monsters, and taking on evil marauders and pirates, and preparing the battle stations. The normal day-to-day tasks were left to the programmer peasants, coder common men, the networking nitwits and the sysadmin simpletons. Jobs that involved killing minor code bugs, maintaining the server farms, keeping the networks of the kingdom safe and clean were in Foo's domain, but not his daily chores.

So, all in all, Foo very much loved and needed his townsfolk for the kingdom to maintain a serene and a peaceful atmosphere. And all was well.

Hark!! What does Foo spy on the hills o'er yonder?!? It seems to be a two headed monster, one head is hungry for the little peasants innocently working in fields, the other has its evil eyes on the treasury of the kingdom ... attrition and churn. Foo did what any other superhero had to do, jumped up and rushed to meet the monster headlong in the battle.

What will happen when our hero meets the monster in the battle? Only an appraisal will tell ... the market watches.

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