Thursday, October 16


Was browsing and checking the incoming and outgoing links on my blog, when I came across this thought provoking post. Happiness by Veena where she tries to define this intangible emotion ... makes you think na? I tried my best to define it .. but then I realized that to define this, I will have to make a boundary around it and then bring a structure to it (think through this before you rush to comment).

Why then should I bother to put a boundary on something which cannot and should not have any limits?

I have decided to leave the intangibles to the marketing gurus and just define what Happiness means to me -
  • being with my loved ones
  • a new game on a uber-gaming machine
  • ghar ka khana
  • a beautiful piece of code
  • pizza!!
  • a hot steaming cup of coffee/tea early in the morning
  • maggi at 4 am
  • PS3 + 42" HDTV
Heck, the list will go on for some time. I guess overall, I am a happy person :-D


Amol said...

A more generic formula for happiness has been proposed by Scott Adams. It's being defined to finesse by a lot of people since it is editable by all. Find it here:

The Big K said...

I'm tempted to add to your list. But, to the best of my knowledge, the blog's got a "GA" rating. Right?

Prasad said...

@Amol - Hey!! I think I have seen this before :-) ... succinctly put

@Biggie - Go right ahead! I was thinking about changing the rating anyways :-)

Harshaja said...

hmm thts not a complete list ;P said...

See......We need small things to be happy A pizza, Burger , movie , Ppl who make you feel that they love you no matter what.... Then comes the next question?? Then why there are so many issues in this world? Killing 100 innocent guys makes a terrorist happy?? ...Mee still thinking....

Ashish said...

You forgot the future "khana bananewali"!! Bad, bad, Prasad!!

aBhiShEk said...

I agree with point number 3 for obvious reason/s!

Priyanka Sarkar said...

i bumped into ur blog...n so true...small things in life make u happier than waiting for biggers avenues of joy!dont u think?

Prasad said...

@Harshu - you are right there at the top of the list mon cherie :)

@veena - Seriously! Nicely put ... do the terrorists experience happiness when they do such things? I doubt it.

@Ashish - Baskya. Of course not :-)

@Abhishek - Hear, hear.

@Priyanka - Yes. If we keep on waiting for that big joy, then life and happiness will pass us by and we will never know it!!

Harshaja said...

@ Priyanka- It is so true i really feel tht every person should extract happiness from small and day to day events of life..tht will definitly make one happy and not actually wait for BIG happiness :)

Anonymous said...

Alright we have so many people believing in happiness from small things. Gods of small things eh?

But believe me, nothing beats the joy of achieving. I get happy by doing all that and more. But I have a goal to achieve and it makes me complacent.

Prasad said...

@Mayur - hmm .. so you prefer the slam dunk to the smooth dribble :)