Wednesday, October 1

A decade ago I was non-existent!

Came up with the oldest search index of Google, tried ego searching, and came up with squatch. I am most humbled :-|, give it a whirl folks!! Notice the lack of "I'm feeling lucky" button. On a related note, check out Google Pirate. Harr! Harr Matey!!


That Armchair Philosopher said...

I came across your blog through Klueless.

What totally cracked me up was the ray-ban puzzle - that popped up a "where's the -?" question when I entered "rayban" :)

Good job! Do you still quiz? Or have you sold your soul to the corporate types already?

- Viksit

Prasad said...

@Viksit - lol, nice nick :) ... thanks, you should check out KL2,KL3 as well, also stay tuned for the facebook appn :)

Anonymous said...

You know me:

Prasad said...

hi Baba :-)

maxmayur said...

good one. Left a nostalgic feeling