Tuesday, September 2


walle This weekend we decided to catch Wall-E, thanks to my best friend Ashish's suggestion. I am not such a great fan of Pixar, I love their culture, but not much of their art ... well, that things changed now! I mean, I like animated movies ... the effects and all that jazz, but why would you resort to toons ... only because you cannot render the same effects in real life? C'mon ... give me a break here. Then came a genre of movies which used toons to good effect, and how!! KungFu Panda, Finding Nemo ... and now this. This is the coup de grâce of why you should look at animated movies as a serious competitor to other motion pictures.

The movie takes us around 800 years into the future, when the Earth is a lonely desolate planet. It's a touching love story of two robots, and how they rescue us human from permanent space colonization. A whopping 8.7 guys, do check this movie out.

Some radicals will always rant about AI and the terminator crap, but honestly, each machine has a fail-safe mechanism, and that can have another fail-safe. So why worry? The machine can only be as devious as its creator :-)

PS - Watch the end titles of the movie, the background changes from the initial cave drawings to hieroglyphics to sketches to classic art to renaissance art, so on. History kind of repeats itself, now with machines and humans. Awesome conceptualization.


Ashish said...

Glad you liked it! It really blows the mind away through the attention to detail.

Salil said...

Hi Prasad,
Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Will watch when time permits.

Prasad said...

@ashish - Yes! Thanks for the reco :-)
@salil - Please do make the time for this one :)

Ashish said...

I assume delay in replying was due to you being in Mumbai for Ganpati?

Also, just for fun, take the quiz at http://glassbooth.org/

Prasad said...

yes bro! Just came back :)