Tuesday, September 2

Digg Suxx

I am a Digg fan ... or rather, I was one. Since the past month or so, I am reading about Sarah Palin. Finally curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to click on one of the links. Read her wikipedia entry, you might get some insight into her. Anyway, that's not the point.

Today, I am going through Digg, to find out six articles about Sarah Palin doing the rounds on the same Digg page ... blehhh!! There have been rumours that Digg is rigged, now its just confirmed. The stories are made popular only by a select few and their followers. Is web2.0 a collaborative content management system always going to be plagued by a few leaders and a throng of their followers? If that's the case, then I see Digg as nothing but a PR tool. Sad really.


Anonymous said...

*Raised Eyebrows*

But there is no doubt about your feedback. I have never ventured into these diggs, del.icios and technoratis. So can't really comment. But I can hint the truth.

Prasad said...

hmm .. I always thought that these systems would be at least democratic in nature. But now much to my chagrin, I see that even these systems are more or less like dictatorships. If X likes it, then I must also like this topic.

Amit said...

It's not dictatorship - it's herd mentality. Since a hundred others like Nike, it must be good, so I also like Nike. The reason endorsements work in traditional marketing. The only difference in the social networking world is that the celebrities here are crowds instead of people.

Anyways, this should interest you also:

Prasad said...

Ptch.. amit I was comparing it to one of the government's. But yes, traditionally, you are more accurate.