Monday, May 5

Facebook a matrimony site?

Read this here. How many of you lot have hit on/flirted with the opposite sex on some social networking site or the other? Oh ... c'mon be honest, I know a lot of us have done it. In fact, there was is a social networking site dedicated solely for that purpose. So do not tell me that you haven't, I know that you did (smug smile).

Trust us desis to find a unique usage for the likes of orkut, facebook, myspace, et al!! As they say - Majboori ka naam hain Mahatma Gandhi!!


Lucifer said...

I got a job through Facebook :)

And ofcourse we've been using orkut & facebook to flirt... both of us are guilty of the crime. you even more so ;)

Prasad said...

lol. I already agreed to that in the post ... it takes one to know one ;-)