Sunday, February 24

64 = 65?

I am damn right confused!! What is wrong with this figure ... geometrically, an area of 64 sq. units is now converted into 65 sq. units. How!?!

Got any bright ideas on this? I do.

I think it is violating the Basic Proportionality Theorem (BPT). Since it is assuming that 3/8 = 5/13 (the colored triangle being similar to the bigger half of the rectangle). Which is obviously incorrect, so the rectangle cannot be formed like so. Whew! Thank god for the constraints of geometry!!


Sundar Rajan G S said...

@ prasad,

I dont knw who the interviewers were.


Prasad said...

Ohh.. but rest assured that you have got in sundar.

Tarun said...

The diagonal of second rectangle is not a straight line.


Prasad said...

@tarun - you got that right :-) ... there is a small kink in that diagonal where our magical 1 sq unit is accomodated!