Monday, December 15

Shaadi 2.0

No, its not about collaborative marriage over the web :-). Amol gave me this crazy idea. We were discussing the Indian SMS site, Vakow which enables us to push normal SMS into a web-based RSS/Atom feed. There are about a gazillion applications for an RSS feed. Well, this is just one such mashup between a practical application of Vakow and Google Reader.

Well to be honest, the title of the blog should not be Shaadi 2.0, but rather Event 2.0, but since we are using the my marriage as the event to cover, I decided to name the title so, well ..  and this one is more exciting na? So here is what we did.

  1. Register on Vakow, get a username and have your phone number associated with that username, so that you can SMS messages to your Vakow id.
  2. You are on track now, and you should be able to post a feed … now that your feed is set, we just need to integrate that feed with my marriage feed
  3. Send me the RSS link, I will add it in my Google Reader public folder, and voila!! You can view the sample page here.

People who cannot attend the wedding in person can keep on hitting the RSS page for an up-to-date status.


Amit said...

Initially I thought this post is about second marriage. Weirdly enough, this didn't seem to be an out-of-place topic for your blog. ;-)

Harshaja, please don't read too much into what I've written. :-P

maxmayur said...

Ditto Amit, even I was wondering what made you write Shaadi 2.0 :-)

Prasad said...

Well, I wanted to catch on the web 2.0 wave ... and the wedding can be covered collaboratively ... soo... :-) ... plus the shock reaction made me change the title!

aBhiShEk said...

All the best! My advice: Please do not carry your laptop to the Mandap :)

Jessica said...

For what its worth, google likes this site. In my google webmaster tools, It's showing over 100 backlinks to sharepoint. That’s incredible indexing!
Best regards,