Friday, March 28

Advertising is the new Content!

Got to read this from here.

In the new web savvy world, catching the attention of users is getting more and more difficult for advertisers. Gone are the days when unsuspecting users would click on banners that would say Click here! in bold letters. Google came up with the concept of inconspicuous ads with Google Ads. Added to that the context sensitive Google Ads ensured that the customization factor was there.

Now, Google has gone one step further ... widget based ads that actually draw the attention of the user to it. Not only drawing the users' attention, but also ensuring a healthy level of interaction with the ad itself! Be sure to check out the Intel ad in the link I have provided. The way new features of the processor are highlighted are just too good. At one point of time I was just playing the game to see which feature comes up next. The ad was the content I was interested in.

Is this just another form of subliminal marketing that we are seeing here?


Lucifer said...

webchutney style work at international level :P

Prasad said...

@ lucifer - The international level part I will take as a compliment :-)

Lucifer said...

compliment to whom? you - for reporting? :o

Prasad said...

@ Lucifer - well, duhh!?! Have already written that :-p